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IRAN: Reza/Payam

Tuesday, March 06, 2007


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Sunday, May 14, 2006

Wow, it has been a long time since my last post. I am kinda waiting for Reza to post - I guess he is busy as it comes up to the end of year.

It has been hectic this past month. I had an exam on friday which was hard, but it was on an interesting module - Human Sciences and Public Health (HSPH). Many (most?) people don't seem to like HSPH. They think HSPH is a 'filler' module to waste time. That annoys me no end - I have always thought HSPH covers what one could call the essence of medicine. It covers the important bits - cultural compitence, ethics, social inequalities and so on. The bits which set patients aside as human beings rather than just machines. But yet, people don't seem to care about HSPH. In fact, RAG week (where students raise money and give it to charity, lots of fun) is held during HSPH, futher decreasing attendence at lectures. That is disappointing.

Our next module is back to the more mechanical side of things - the locomotor system. That is a four week module and then we finish for exam leave with our exams at the end of June. This is the 'home stretch' basically. Hopefully it will go well and I will be able to go into the end of year exams optimistically. Lots of revision to get done between now and then...

I have recently found a really good blog by a british general practitioner (GP). It is an interesting read, and his style is funny despite the seriousness of some of his subject matter:

Best be off for now,


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Sunday, April 16, 2006

Here are some holiday snaps as promised - these ones are from the temple of Poseidon at Sounion about an hour from Athens - the sunset was truly beautiful. More to come...


The weather has (finally) begun to feel a bit spring-like here. What an awful winter. Of course, as soon as the weather starts getting better, revision has to start too - only a little while to go until the end of year exams!


I am planning on a trip to Italy (hehe, I feel like I am doing so much travelling recently) with some friends over the summer. I hope it takes off and we go - and it looks like it will work out. I have wanted to go for ages and it will be a nice chance to see. I have been following the election there closely, waiting to see who will be confirmed as prime minister...


Every two weeks during year one and two at medical school, we have a placement (Medicine in Society - 'MedSoc'). This aims to improve our understanding of patient interactions, give us some patient contact and help us understand more about healthcare in a broader, more practical sense. It is interesting, even if at times it feels that things aren't working how we want them to.

Of course, this has to be assesed. This is done by a professional conduct evauation, a project and a case presentation. I have to work on this project over easter (I have done an audit, making criteria for what should be included in all letters leaving the team and then assesing whether they are being included).


I have my driving test on Friday and I *hope* it will go well. It would be nice to pass at the first attempt so I can get on with other things - I am trying to cram a few extra lessons this week while I am off.

Anyway, this post has become very long so I had best leave. Hopefully Reza will post on here soon.

Best Wishes and Khodahafez,

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Friday, April 14, 2006

I'm Back!

Hello All, Salam Reza,

Well, I am back from Athens now (arrived about an hour ago). Sorry about the long delay in posting - I didn't have time to get to a computer while I was away. It was really great - got to see lots of the important archeological sites which was quite interesting. There's lots of history between Greece and Iran. I will write more about it and put up some pictures soon, when I have finished unpacking.

Other than that, it is now easter weekend here which means that the shops are mostly closed for a weekend (this is less the case than it used to be, with all shops closed all weekend apparently - although I can't remember this). I usually use the extended weekend as a chance to rest, be with family and indulge in chocolate! Good fun.

I hope you are well, Reza. I look forward to hearing from you soon!

Bye and Khodahafez,


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Friday, April 07, 2006



I had my (hard) dissection exam today - you wouldn't think true/false questions could be all that challenging, but they can! The module as a whole was interesting; with less anatomy teaching happening here in the UK, this was a great opportunity to learn some of the things which are not core. When I go back, it will be our 'Human Sciences and Public Health' module - a mix of Ethics, Sociology and other similar subjects. All of them are areas I am interested in so I look forward to it.

The University has closed for the Easter holidays now. I go on vacation to Greece tommorow. I am really looking forward to it - the weather looks perfect for exploring the sights (20 degrees C). It should be interesting.

The end of year exams are approaching, and the second week of the holidays will be a good point to start some decent revision for these. Best get a good start early on so I am not left cramming at the last minute.

The weather here has been awful this year - after 10 years of warmer than average weather during March, a year with average temperatures seems really cold! Things have got a bit better and hopefully, by the time I get back, spring will be in full flow.

Anyway, I had best go and pack!

Best Wishes and Khodahafez,


P.S., here is a picture of our haft-seen this year. Hope you like it!

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today is the first holiday(weekend) after new year holidays!
I'm in the pediatrics course and i should start studying tomorrow because this is a major course with a large volume of notes and texts to read!
I just arrived home from the some of the courses we should stay in hospital about 4-5 hours more then other days. one of these courses is pediatrics.
we Had many cases of vomiting and I'm most of the cases , Gastroenteritis was the main reason.
then i should i should study the G.E chapter of essential nelson -pediatrics reference for students in Iran- .

how do you do payam?what are you doing these days?
say something or send some photos!...i wait for you!

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Friday, March 31, 2006

Hello Again,

I have been so busy this past week but I am fortunate to have today off to revise some of the anatomy that we have learnt! Dissection is very interesting and it has helped me learn lots more anatomy - it is hard work, however, and standing up for such long periods of time means I go home tired most days! We have an exam for this in one week time and I hear that it's usually hard.

My exam result from my last exam isn't back yet, and will probably take a few weeks.

How are you Reza? I hope you are well. Thank you for the picture you put up - I really like the way you have captured the patterns of the water. How are all the norouz celebrations going? Is university closed for norouz too?

Bye and Khodahafez,


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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

I'm so sorry for being late!
Although these days are new year holidays but first days i was busy for new year ceremonies and parities and after that i was busy for organizing my jobs like some researches we have done during last year and now we should write their papers and articles!
today is 8th day of new year and there is less than one week to going to university and hospital!
how are you dear payam?!
how was your exam result?!...i wait for your "Norouz" pictures...
i think if this weblog had more visitors it could encourage the writers to write more in quality and quantity!
i don't know how i can do it but i wish the project managers can solve it!
i took some photos these days and i like one of them more than others ,then i send it via this weblog for everybody especially dear payam and his family as a little new year gift!
have nice year!...
i wish i can return soon!


© Alireza Najafian

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