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IRAN: Reza/Payam

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

I'm so sorry for being late!
Although these days are new year holidays but first days i was busy for new year ceremonies and parities and after that i was busy for organizing my jobs like some researches we have done during last year and now we should write their papers and articles!
today is 8th day of new year and there is less than one week to going to university and hospital!
how are you dear payam?!
how was your exam result?!...i wait for your "Norouz" pictures...
i think if this weblog had more visitors it could encourage the writers to write more in quality and quantity!
i don't know how i can do it but i wish the project managers can solve it!
i took some photos these days and i like one of them more than others ,then i send it via this weblog for everybody especially dear payam and his family as a little new year gift!
have nice year!...
i wish i can return soon!


© Alireza Najafian

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