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IRAN: Reza/Payam

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Well, today was a pretty typical day so maybe it is a good idea to write about it and give an idea of what a typical day at medical school here is like.

I just got back from an IT Lab session. It was on fetal development and abnormalities. Some of the pictures we were shown were quite severe - lots of different conditions which can affect fetal development.

Before the IT Lab, we had two lectures (one on common diseases in childhood and one about childhood tumours). The first lecture was quite interesting. The lecturer was really good in my opinion; clearly very interested in his subject. The second was a quick overview of tumours in children - lots of microscope slides, most being really similar and difficult to tell apart!

Yesterday we had a 'Formative Assessment Workshop' - a chance to test our knowledge of what we have learnt over the past 4 weeks before the exam next Friday. I realized there are quite a few important areas I need to revise, although it was also nice to get an idea of what I have learnt so far. It looks like the class will be split into three for the exam due to clashes with other exams happening at the end of term - not the nicest thing that could happened but it shouldn't make a difference really.

Friday is a really full day - starting at 8am and finishing at 5pm. Starting before 9 is unusual in the first and second years of the course (it has only happened twice so far this year) and means I have to leave at 6am (a two hour rather than one hour long journey)!

I suppose Reza won't be posting until after his exam, which I think is on Thursday or Saturday. If you do have a look on here before then, Reza, good luck!

All the best,


posted by Payam @ 3:34 pm   


At 9:56 pm, Blogger reza said...

Hi dear payam!....your guess was correct!...i'll be back soon...after my exam on saturday....i'll tell you and other visitors more about medical schools in iran and you will know why i'm absent these days!....continue....thank you for bein active here!

At 11:17 pm, Anonymous PBL-lover said...

I thought I'd leave a *concise* comment, so...

Interesting. I like it.


At 3:29 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is quite cool actually! Im impressed you guys are actually keeping it up :D I know if were up to me...:P Been interesting reading!


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