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IRAN: Reza/Payam

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Wow, it has been a long time since my last post. I am kinda waiting for Reza to post - I guess he is busy as it comes up to the end of year.

It has been hectic this past month. I had an exam on friday which was hard, but it was on an interesting module - Human Sciences and Public Health (HSPH). Many (most?) people don't seem to like HSPH. They think HSPH is a 'filler' module to waste time. That annoys me no end - I have always thought HSPH covers what one could call the essence of medicine. It covers the important bits - cultural compitence, ethics, social inequalities and so on. The bits which set patients aside as human beings rather than just machines. But yet, people don't seem to care about HSPH. In fact, RAG week (where students raise money and give it to charity, lots of fun) is held during HSPH, futher decreasing attendence at lectures. That is disappointing.

Our next module is back to the more mechanical side of things - the locomotor system. That is a four week module and then we finish for exam leave with our exams at the end of June. This is the 'home stretch' basically. Hopefully it will go well and I will be able to go into the end of year exams optimistically. Lots of revision to get done between now and then...

I have recently found a really good blog by a british general practitioner (GP). It is an interesting read, and his style is funny despite the seriousness of some of his subject matter:

Best be off for now,


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